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starg8fan_liz's graphics and stuff.
You'll find icons, banner/headers, wallpapers and some layouts here. KAT-TUN & Jin are my main focuses. Yamapi and Ryo might turn up as well. XD
If you want to view anything, you must first join the community, since everything is members only. It's super easy to do so, just click the join button! Membership is open and not moderated so you won't have to wait for approval to join.
The only reason I lock my posts is because I do not cross-post to any other communities cause I have no confidence in my work and I want to know who see's my stuff. Even if it isn't very good ^__^
If you do wish to use anything here, like an icon, please don't forget to credit me!
That's all. XD
Thanks for stopping by!

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